#TutorialTuesday: Inspired by Alice

#TutorialTuesday: Inspired by Alice - The Drop Blog by OPI
  • #TutorialTuesday: Inspired by Alice - The Drop Blog by OPI

    The OPI x Disney's Alice Through the Looking Glass Collection has spawned a lot of beautiful nail art inspired by the majestic and fearless characters in the movie. This look hosts three new shades from the collection to create a pattern fit for a queen. 

    Get the look by following these steps:

    1. Apply 2 coats of Fearlessly Alice and leave to dry.
    2. When the lacquer is dry, cut a paper hole reinforcement sticker in to two and place firmly on to the sides of the nail.
    3. With a striping or detail brush paint on a thick band of A Mirror Escape following the shape of the paper hole reinforcement sticker. Carefully remove the reinforcement stickers to leave two clean half circles at each side of the nail.
    4. Fill in the half circles with Mad for Madness Sake using a striping or detail brush.
    5. Frame the nail by painting on A Mirror Escape from the side of the circle to the middle cuticle end of the nail. Repeat on the other side meeting in the middle to a point. Repeat at the tip.
    6. Apply OPI Top Coat.
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