Vacation Manicures: Staycation

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  • OPI Color Collections Destinations

    Short on time, high on self-care? Step into the staycation designed to give you downtime without the stress of leaving your home. Here are our top three tips on how to indulge at home, so go ahead kick up your feet - and remember it’s ok to feel smug about avoiding security.

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      Just because you haven’t jetted off doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself to a special spot of me time. Before you go into hibernation, stock up on candles, essential oils, bath scents, face masks, clean towels, nail polish, and set up an at-home spa. If you’re feeling particularly indulgent why not treat yourself to a fluffy and fresh bathrobe, then book a masseuse or nail artist to come to you, this will mean you don’t even need to leave the living room to get spa-spoiled..

      The shades:

      The perfect pampering assistant - Bubble Bath on your fingers + Summer Lovin’ Having a Blast on your toes

      For adding to the natural spa vibe - This Isn’t Greenland on your fingers + Cosmo Not Tonight Honey on your toes

    2. OPI Color Collections Destinations

      One of our favorite things about vacation is the excuse to try local cuisine, so why not search through those recipe books and Pinterest boards and get in the kitchen. From Sri Lankan curry, to Mexican tacos, or that perfect Italian pasta dish, bring the vacation vibe home through delicious flavors. Even better, eat in the backyard or on your terrace in the sun with a cocktail for extra tropical vibes. Worried about ruining your nail polish? Don’t be because our clinically tested Infinite Shine formula is hard wearing however much you chop. Sadly we can’t provide anyone to do the cleaning up, so feel free to recruit a friend (or order takeout).

      The shades:

      Matches well with a tropical cocktail - No Tan Lines on your fingers + Running with The In-Finite Crowd on your toes

      Make tacos, pretend you’re in Tulum - In Familiar Terra-Tory on your fingers + Closer Than You Might Belem on your toes

    3. OPI Color Collections Destinations

      Love the idea of camping but not sure on the lack of showers, toilet facilities, and running water? Why not set up a tent in your own backyard, fill it with luxury pillows and throws and get ready for a night in the great outdoors. Bring torches, mosquito repellent and sleeping bags and light up the grill before a night of ghost stories and adventure. Even better, if it starts to rain or you get cold? Simply move the party inside.

      The shades:

      For the at-home jetsetter - Princesses Rule! on your fingers + My Private Jet on your toes

      A new kind of camouflage - Staying Neutral on your fingers + Less Is Norse on your toes

    4. Vacation Nail Polish Shades

      The perfect staycation deserves pillowcases that pamper your body. Keep your tresses soft with Slip pillowcases - because your bed should be the epitome of luxury!

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