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Virgo Horoscope
  • Virgo Horoscope
    Virgo Season! That post Summer (for the northern hemisphere) vibe, when we’re winding down, scaling back and more discerning of where we want to focus our time and energy. Virgo, the second Earth sign, with a mutable (adaptable) disposition aligns us to our inner critic–we are willing to improve that which needs to be fixed, to help others, and to detox from the indulgent excess that we have accumulated over the past several months. Virgo is a purest in every sense; from the foods that he or she consumes, to the material and spiritual sustenance of life–the vessel Virgin (a fancy name for Virgo) seeks to purify the body and mind so that the soul (Pisces) can shine through effervescently.

    Virgo season is when we all align our lives in favor of better efficiency, meaning, and organization. It’s where we are less tolerant of flowery conversations or the potential of anything–we want practical and attainable. Living in the present has never been so effective and rewarding.

    To see where Virgo season is active in your life, look to your natal chart on the house cusp which Virgo occupies.

    This Virgo season, Mars the planet of the personal will–where we feel motivated to take action, our energy, passion, and physical drive will go retrograde on September 9–November 13, 2020. During this time, it’s rewarding to not rush into anything–slow and steady wins the race. Actions newly initiated during this time will not be as supportive in the long run, and you’ll likely run into complications. Mars retrograde is an opportunity to revisit, restrategize, and redo previous actions–to remedy your past so that you can move forward powerfully with a clean slate.

    1. Virgo Season

      Happy Birthday!! The New Moon and Full Moon are aligning you to your higher self. Mercury, your ruling planet is in your sign until September 5 giving you a big mental boost to multi-task, set your yearly goals, and fix whatever is not working. Jupiter waking up in fellow Earth sign Capricorn means that having fun needs to be a priority.

      Shop the Shade: My Italian is a Little Rusty

      Color: Complete me color. Rich and earthy, this terracotta color evokes quality and stability.

      Love: is a fine balance of acceptance, empathy, and trust. You’ve got this.

      Career: Communication is your best asset always, but particularly this month. Fair-mindedness will make others take your ideas more seriously.

      Money: Since multi-tasking is easy for you this month, two streams of income should be a sinch.


    2. Machu Peach

      This season implies that you’ll need to put your health first. Putting your health first means letting go of ambiguity and being more disciplined about your spiritual practice, whatever that is. Mercury entering your sign on September 5 reconnects you to your higher self, so make time to listen to your inner voice.

      SHOP THE SHADE: Machu Peach-u

      Color: Complete me color. Straightforward, healthy, and unbound by material thoughts.

      Love: Mars going retrograde gifts you more passion, but also more intensity. Be aware of being passive-aggressive–say what you mean and mean what you say.

      Career: The New and Full Moons are connecting you to better ideas and time management.

      Money: Mars, the ruling planet of your finances going retrograde means that you’ll need to take a beat before impulsively shopping.


    3. Linger Over Coffee

      Mars, your ruling planet going retrograde will feel like the breaks are on, but for the purpose of testing your will power. Jupiter going direct will help you to keep your thoughts positive and to follow through on your business idea, although it’s best to dive in after the 20th!

      SHOP THE SHADE: Linger Over Coffee

      Color: Remedy color. Strong, bold, and focused.

      Love: Perhaps more logical than one would hope for, but there’s something to say clarity and respect in a relationship, right?

      Career: Venus moving into Leo on September 6 allows you to shine being yourself.

      Money: After September 17 expect more abundance from all your hard work.


    4. Closer than You might Belem

      Jupiter, your ruling planet, going direct will reconnect you to that sense of optimism that you’re used to. The Full Moon on September 2 helps you to let go of attachments to home that are clouding your progress at work.

      SHOP THE SHADE: Closer Than You Might Belém

      Color: Complete me color. Your planet Jupiter is mystical, wise, unbound, limitless, and so is this color.

      Love: Being generous, brave, and expressive easily grant you the affection you deserve.

      Career: The New Moon on September 17 shines a light on how perfectionism works well for you.

      Money: Jupiter, going direct will allow you to capitalize on all your hard work.


    5. Made It To The Seventh Hill

      Jupiter going direct in your sign is like having a personal assistant supporting you now that you’re clearer about your future. The New Moon on September 17 reinforces your belief about the world. Virgo season, in general, feels seamless for you.

      SHOP THE SHADE: Made It To the Seventh Hill!

      Color: Remedy color. Compassionate, patient, and streamlined.

      Love: Passionate and romantic. Make time to connect sensually with your body–try playing dress-up.

      Career: You may have to play fair more than you’d like–people will expect you to do what’s right.

      Money: Accepting support from others is not a weakness. Let others pay for dinner once in a while!


    6. You've Got Nata On Me

      Virgo season isn’t ever anything to write home about for you Aquarius, unless you have personal planets, or if your rising sign is in Virgo, but this year will be more spiritual and affectionate than you remember.

      SHOP THE SHADE: You've Got Nata On Me

      Color: Remedy color. Calming, collected, and mentally soothing.

      Love: Venus moving across from you is affectionate, proud, and loves to be admired. Make sure you give your lover the attention he or she deserves.

      Career: Mars going retrograde requires that you heed before taking your next career moves. Allows things and people to fall into place–patience is key.

      Money: Financial flow happens when you are generously giving to a person or cause without expectation, this season is no exception.


    7. Mural Mural on the Wall

      Jupiter your ancient ruling planet going direct + the Full Moon in your sign on September 2 motivates you into the organization so that you can keep growing in a positive direction. The New Moon in your opposite sign on September 17 helps you to gain perspective.

      SHOP THE SHADE: Mural Mural on the Wall

      Color: Remedy color. Energizing and uplifting especially for a mellow sign like you and with Mars retrograde.

      Love: A reality check can be a good thing, and help you to look at a situation for what it actually is.

      Career: Being socially motivates you to gain supporters to help your cause.

      Money: Mars going retrograde implies that you’ll need to curb spending more than you want, so put a little extra aside.


    8. Stop It I'm Blushing

      Your ruling planet Mars going retrograde is a huge deal; although this may feel like a slow death, it’s really helping you to refine your process and inspiring rebirth. Make sure to channel your frustration constructively–slow and intense exercise will feel best this season.

      SHOP THE SHADE: Stop It I’m Blushing!

      Color: Remedy color. Soft, patient and communicative while your planet rests, so should you.

      Love: After the September 5 fair communication and sheer respect are fueling your romantic life.

      Career: The New Moon on September 17 inspires you to redefine what’s important to you.

      Money: Your finances are in need of creative solutions and new radical self-investment.


    9. Worth A Pretty Penne

      The New and Full Moon align you more deeply to your heart–family, your belief systems; the way in which you want and need to express yourself are all more important than appeasing certain social groups. Knowing yourself more deeply furthers your goals.

      SHOP THE SHADE: Worth A pretty penne

      Color: Complete me color. Its shimmer rose gold flecks remind you of your value.

      Love: This season love is about cuddling comfortably with someone.

      Career: Thriving because you’re organizing your creative process and letting go of unrealistic goals/dreams.

      Money: Making your home more luxurious makes you feel prosperous.


    10. Cosmo Not Tonight Honey

      Fellow Mercury ruled sign and season, Virgo, helps you to refine your ideas so that you’re less overwhelmed by the potential of every possible outcome and idea that exist. Virgo season for you is about refinement and strategy. Mars retrograde implies that you’re taking a social sabbatical to regain your energy.

      SHOP THE SHADE: Cosmo Not Tonight Honey

      Color: Complete me color. Regal, refined and entertaining so that you don’t feel you’re missing out.

      Love: On September 5 when Mercury moves into fellow air sign Libra you easily get swept away with the poetic promise of romance.

      Career: The Full Moon on September 2 asks that you focus on what’s in front of you to accomplish what can be.

      Money: You have an emotional connection to your finances that is redirecting you to your follow your heart. Do what feels right to attract more prosperity.


    11. Yank My Doodle

      You thrive in during Virgo season Cancer. Your mind is on fire, especially after September 6–you want to get to the bottom of what’s triggering those in your environment to find lasting peace. The Full Moon on September 2 in a fellow water sign, Pisces is inspiring you to travel more.

      SHOP THE SHADE: Yank My Doodle

      Color: Complete me color. Energizing, probing, and grounding.

      Love: Despite what others say, you value confidence, intensity, and passion; this month be less critical of your loved ones and remember to exude compassion.

      Career: Post September 6 you get a lovely boost of confidence that helps you to shine at work.

      Money: So long as you are generous and grateful to be able to help others in need, you thrive financially.


    12. Dulce De Leche

      Venus the planet of love moves into your sign on September 6 gifting you recognition for the passionate person that you are. Virgo season this year is about putting your best self forth–dressing how you feel best, and remembering that it’s vital to give others compliments as well.

      SHOP THE SHADE: Dulce de Leche

      Color: Complete me color. Self-contained, self-assured, and resilient to impatience.

      Love: Others are attracted to you when you are lit up from inside and passionate about your exquisite self-expression.

      Career: September 7–10 and on the New Moon, September 17 are your best career days.

      Money: The New Moon on September 17, present you with a new career opportunity, even if that means streamlining your schedule so that you feel better.



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