We Believe in the Power of Color

We Believe in the Power of Color. Color transforms. Color evokes emotions and meanings. Color has the power to change behaviors, redefine culture and even improve our world. For these reasons, we’re embracing our heritage in a new way, by harnessing the idea that “Color is the Answer”, as our brand message and core vision. This goes beyond product, and is an overarching mission to transform the world with color. We aim to embrace the power of color, showing how color has the power to change how a person feels, tell stories, provoke conversations and inspire. Combined with shade names that trigger emotions such as We the Female, Purple with a Purpose, and She’s a Bad Muffaletta, we’re hoping to help to shape new trends and redefine culture.




Color is the Answer will be at the core of our content creation, campaigns and products, relying on the tenant that Color = Feeling. “Most women know that color can help them express themselves,” shares OPI co-founder and brand ambassador, Suzi Weiss-Fischmann. “My longtime fascination with color is part of OPI’s heritage. We’ve always felt passionately about color, but now OPI will take that love to the next level. We want to help show that color is even bigger than expression; it has the potential to transform you and others around you – even the world around you.” “Color is powerful. It doesn’t matter what we want to say or how we want to feel, there is a way to express ourselves with color,” says Laura Simpson, CMO Wella Company. “It’s iconic and timeless and can communicate across cultures and people and no brand celebrates color like OPI. It’s the creative universe we want to own, as we look to take the brand to new heights ” Laura adds. Color serves as a visual cue that allows us to feel connected with our environment and the things we love. From rainbow-colored hues to true nudes, there is an answer for every mood, moment or milestone. Follow our adventures and add your own using the hashtag #ColorIsTheAnswer. We can’t wait to go on this journey together in exploring the culture of color.

Written by OPI -