What Clients are Looking for in Salons Reopening

What Clients are Looking for in Salons Reopening
  • What Clients are Looking for in Salons Reopening

    In a recent survey sent out across email, web, and social platforms, we received an overwhelming response from people that had one thing in common. Like us, they are all OPI Obsessed! We created this survey as an effort to better understand our nail community, to gain insight into feelings about returning to salons, to understand what the majority of people were hoping to see upon their return, and to share these learnings with nail pros like you.

    The good news is our respondents are looking forward to coming back to salons, but they do have concerns about hygiene that should be addressed.

    Audience background: We surveyed our audience on their nail care habits before the global pandemic. A little less than half of the individuals did their nails at home, about a third were regular salon-goers and the remainder did a mix of DIY and salon services.

    Read on to better equip you and your salon with insights from our nail community.

    1. Likelihood to Return to Salon


      When asked about their willingness to return to salons, 43% of the respondents said they were either ‘extremely’ likely or ‘somewhat’ likely to return to salons for a nail service.

      *11% felt neutral, 8% somewhat unlikely, 7% extremely unlikely. For 31% this question was not applicable as they do their own nails.

    2. What Consumers Had to Say About Returning


      @tarahef: “I just started committing to the standing appointment about 4 months before all this and I can’t wait to get back to it.”

      @jessicawrittle: “?✨cannot wait to get back to feeling like myself with beaut nails.”

      @lynn279788: “Monday I go back to my nail salon! ?.”

      @eve102: “?? mine is already booked”

    3. Reasons for Not Returning


      When it came to the reason that customers were unlikely to return to salons, 34% of respondents explained they are unlikely to return to a salon as they are uncertain about cleanliness. And an additional 5% expressed specific concerns with health and safety-related to COVID-19, including the ability to maintain social distancing.

      *35% reported it was not applicable as they do not visit nail salons anyway, 23% reported lack of time or financial reasons, and 3% reported 'other'.

    4. Reassurance When It’s Needed


      Consumers expressed their need for additional measures that salons should take in order to help build confidence and increase their likelihood to return.

      “Allow me to watch them clean all surfaces prior to starting on my nails.”

      “Do their cleaning procedures in front of guests so they know it’s really happening, space people apart, clean clean clean.”

      “Follow CDC guidelines and enforce social distancing with mandatory masks.”

      “Ensure precautionary measures are taken by staff and customers for cleanliness, physical distancing is in effect, limit the number of customers inside the salon, nail technicians should wear a glass face shield/mask with gloves, and plexiglass between the salon staff and customers.”

    5. Consumers Appreciate Extra Sanitation Steps


      For those salons that have already reopened, sentiment around procedures and precautions were well-received when extra steps were taken by salons.

      “Here in Austin, they are all defined by safe practices, with no more than three people allowed in the salon at one time. If you arrive early or they are running behind you must wait in your car to be called for your appointment.”

      “Avoid overcrowding, wear masks (employees and clients). The salon I went to put plexiglass up at the stations and I had no issue.”

      “I have been going to my salon for 19 years, and I am sure of its cleanliness and all employees and patrons will wear masks. I Went yesterday they are following the CDC recommendations, I can’t ask for more.”

    6. Ability to Bring Consumer's Own Products


      When asked whether or not customers had suggestions to ease some of their concerns aside from sanitation practices, respondents overwhelmingly reported a desire to bring their own products. From tools to polishes and even dipping powders, a large number of consumers suggest cutting down on unnecessary sharing.

      “Allow customers to bring their own products. Have separate disposable equipment for each client.”

      “Ability to bring my own dipping color. Maybe my own tools.”

      “Make clients bring their own polish.”

      “If there were mini personal bottles or dipping powders as well as sealed tools for each customer. Then you can take the bottle of polish home for any needed touch-ups and feel confident that you were the only person that used that product.”

      To assist with conversations around sanitation and sharing of products we developed the below communication:

      FAQ: Is it safe to share the same bottle of lacquer with other clients in salons?

      OPI Nail Lacquer and Infinite Shine use Ethyl Acetate, Butyl Acetate, Propyl Acetate as main solvents. Due to high levels of solvents, the formula is hostile for the virus. However, we recommend all surfaces in contact with hands should be disinfected.

    7. We encourage you to stay up to date with local government updates and ordinances when it comes to the timing of any salon reopening.

      Be sure to check out our sanitation guide to ensure you’re hitting the mark when it comes to proper procedures, and stay tuned for more insight and interviews from nail pros like you about what it takes to have a successful reopening.

      see the guide

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