What Your Date Night Shade Says About You

What Your Date Night Shade Says About You
  • What Your Date Night Shade Says About You

    Date night. It’s the perfect excuse to get dressed up, no matter if you’re in a long-term relationship or if you’re heading out for that first drink.

    But before libations are cheered, smiles are shared, and footsie is played, we want to pinpoint the OPI nail shade that suits you. We can’t help you plan your entire outfit, but we can make sure that your nails make an amazing first impression. Read below to learn about your favorite date shade is communicating to the lucky person across the table, bar, or dance floor.

    1. Your date night shade: Big Apple Red


      You’re showing you’re not afraid to break the rules and will keep your date on their toes.

      Your Matching Shade: You can never go wrong with a classic red nail polish like Big Apple Red, guaranteed to make your date blush, in just the right way.

      Shop the shade: Big Apple Red

    2. Your date night shade: Lincoln Park After Dark


      You’re edgy, vampy and not going to be bossed around. More chic than goth, black nail polish is made for the lover of sleek, bold looks.

      Your Matching Shade: Lincoln Park After Dark adds the perfect level of bite to any date night look.

      Shop the shade: Lincoln Park After Dark

    3. Your date night shade: Malaga Wine


      You’re classy and confident. Wine red nail polish is timeless, and it looks great on every skin tone.

      Your Matching Shade: For a deeper hue try Malaga Wine for our modern take on rouge.

      Shop the shade: Malaga Wine

    4. Your date night shade: Never a Dulles Moment


      You’re bold, confident and love showing off the vibrant side of your personality. A bright pop of color to your nails with a fluorescent tone, like a vivid yellow nail polish, will match your can’t-be-contained attitude.

      Your Matching Shade: Neither you or your date can possibly be bored with the sunshine yellows of Never a Dulles Moment.

      Shop the shade: Never a Dulles Moment

    5. Your date night shade: Be There in a Prosecco


      You’re low maintenance and a lover of all things natural. For a date night sometimes you’ve just got to keep things simple, and you can’t go wrong with a classic nude nail polish.

      Your Matching Shade: Be There in a Prosecco is the perfect creamy nail color to sum up how we feel about date night.

      Shop the shade: Be There in a Prosecco

    6. Your date night shade: Glitzerland


      You’re always the first to get on, and the last to leave the dance floor. Go for a glamorous look when you wear metallic nail polish, which perfectly compliments an evening when you want to dress up.

      Your Matching Shade: If you’re going all out, go with Glitzerland.

      Shop the shade: Glitzerland

    7. Your date night shade: Steel Waters Run Deep


      You’re focused on what matters, which is the moment, and nothing else. If other colors feel too bold, try granite gray nail polish to show your off your style and self-assuredness.

      Your Matching Shade: Steel Waters Run Deep will make your nails look straight off the runway.

      Shop the shade: Steel Waters Run Deep

    8. Your date night shade: Princesses Rule!


      You’re never afraid to try something - it’s better to be bold rather than boring. Show off your super feminine side in pastel nail polish that proves fashion forward is the way forward for you.

      Your Matching Shade: You can never go wrong with a pretty pink, so paint your tips in the girly Princesses Rule!

      Shop the shade: Princesses Rule!

    9. Which shade do you wear on date night? Snap a pic of your nails before a night out, and share it on social media using #OPIObsessed for a chance to be featured on our channel. And remember, you’re beautiful, bold, and OPI will always be here for you. For the first date, and beyond.

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