What’s in Nature Strong? And More Important Info

What’s in Nature Strong? And More Important Info
  • What’s in Nature Strong? And More Important Info

    Let’s face it, natural beauty products are taking over the market, and sure, while they’re labeled “clean,” “organic,” “natural,” and “vegan,” they don’t always live up to the words on the packaging. So when we created Nature Strong’s formula, we made sure to check off a few boxes: A) Are these ingredients we’d want on our body? B) Are they quality ingredients we’re proud to promote? And C) are we being transparent about labels? Let’s dig in.


    1. OPI Nature Strong: Natural Origins


      We made sure to formulate Nature Strong with quality ingredients you can source right to their origin in nature. You’ll find sugar cane, manioc (otherwise known as cassava which comes in many forms like flour for cooking and baking), wheat, potatoes, clay, and corn in each bottle. It’s a true feast for your nails.


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    2. OPI Nature Strong: Non- GMO


      We didn’t just use any plants in our sourcing. We ensured that our plant-sourced ingredients are also non-GMO and contain no presence of GMOs, meaning no genetically modified organisms.

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      Our 9-free* nail polish formula is free of fillers and chemicals that are commonly used in nail polishes across the beauty industry. OPI Nature Strong is a formaldehyde-free nail polish, but you also won’t find Formaldehyde Resin, Toluene, Xylene, Dibutyl phthalate (DBP), Camphor, Parabens, Ethyl Tosylamide, and Triphenyl Phosphate in OPI’s Nature Strong, but one important thing to note is that while we proudly state we’re a 9-free* nail polish, we’ll never claim more than that. A lot of clean or natural beauty products claim to be 21-free, or even 99-free, but they are calling out ingredients you wouldn’t normally find in these products, to begin with, like lead -- which hasn’t been added to paint products in over 30 years. *US Only.

    4. OPI Nature Strong: Vegan


      We proudly carry the Vegan Society seal (look for the sunflower!), the most comprehensive vegan standard available which means we met the Vegan Society’s stringent standards. And because we love our furry friends, we do not test on animals or sell Nature Strong in countries that do.

      In addition, we intentionally chose not to include animal-derived ingredients towards our 9-free* count (which brought us to 10) because it’s a characteristic of our ingredients and product, not a chemical. However, you can trust our Vegan Society certification that we are also free of animal-derived ingredients.

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