Why Infinite Shine is Perfect for Marathons

Why Infinite Shine is Perfect for Marathons - The Drop Blog by OPI
  • Why Infinite Shine is Perfect for Marathons - The Drop Blog by OPI


    We are just 1 day away from one of the most famous marathons in the world. On November 1st, I'll be one of the lucky 50,000 runners that will be racing in the New York City Marathon! Even though I'm really, really, REALLY nervous, I can't wait to run through the five boroughs. 

    Since I work for OPI my nails obviously have to be on point. My team and I started brainstorming what shades I would wear and we discovered that Infinite Shine has the best names for marathons. They not only have the puns that we have grown to love but are also very inspirational. While I still haven't decided which colors are going to be on my nails for when I hold up that glorious medal, here are the shades I picked for each mile of the race. You'll see which miles I hate the most. ;)
    I was lucky enough to have the amazingly talented Miss Pop paint my nails last night! She painted pizza slices to motivate me to get to the finish line faster so that I could stuff my tummy with my favorite food. 
    Which names are your favorite?
    Mile shade
    1 Girl Without Limits
    2 Running with the In-finite Crowd
    3 Can’t Be Beet!
    4 Follow Your Bliss
    5 Pretty Pink Perseveres
    6 In Pursuit of Purple
    7 To Infinity & Blue-yond
    8 Patience Pays Off
    9 Glow the Extra Mile
    10 If You Persist…
    11 Purpletual Emotion
    12 Endless Purple Pursuit
    13 Endurance Race to the Finish
    14 Hold Out for More
    15 Relentless Ruby
    16 Defy Explanation
    17 You Can Count on It
    18 Maintaining My Sand-ity
    19 It Never Ends
    20 She Went On and On and On
    21 The Sun Never Sets
    22 Stick it Out
    23 Tanacious Spirit
    24 Never Give Up!
    25 No Stopping Me Now
    26 To the Finish Lime! 


    If you need a little refresh on OPI Infinite Shine, what it is, and how to have long-lasting nail polish, head here for more info.

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